Birmingham based artist, De’Anne Crooks (b.1990), prides herself on being an intersectional advocate for the visual arts; prioritising pertinent themes and attempting to make contemporaory art considerably more accessible.

De’Anne studied Graphic Design at De Montfort University giving her the vocabulary to visually communicate and debate in a refined manner.  As De’Anne trained to become an educator in 2016, her desire to explore the visual arts was reignited and she explored the harmony between visual art and graphic design.  

De’Anne’s practice is evidence of a dynamic pedagogy and refined technial skills; attempting to refine an unbiased moral compass and engender a more philosophical and diverse art education infrastructure. This has included the use of art as a tool to participate in conversations about race, bias and good practice;  often through the facilitation of training sessions and lectures. 
De’Anne’s current body of work debates identity politics; posing new questions and continuing old-age theoretical conversations. Working with installation, performance and visual art, De’Anne is testing the parameters of this theme through her fellowship with the Black Hole Club and responding to various commissioned briefs. 

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