Midlands based artist, De’Anne Crooks, considers her own intersectionality as an advocacy for visual art. Much of De’Anne’s practice considers the collective experiences of others; finding paralells between identity and symbolism. De’Anne’s relationship with pedagogy and contemporary art has cultivated a sense of play with political, moral and emotional themes, ensuring that lines are blurred between art and education.

De’Anne’s artist- educator practice exists as conversations, teaching, performance and making; further exploring the use of art as a tool paramount to evolving society. De’Anne’s work consists of themes about society, identity, language, sub culture and love. 
During their fellowship with the Black Hole Club and within their recent work with Iniva, the Barber Institute of Fine Art and Film and Video Umbrella, De’Anne has been challenging the praxis of contemporary art adjacent to Blackness. Using video, performance and writing, De’Anne continues to address cultural pedagogy with a focus on the oracy of marginalised persons.