“Mother May I?” / 13th August 2021
Testing & Trying out hosted by Black Hole Club

“Most of all” / July 2021
Commissioned by Cheap Cheap Gallery 

“Degas, De’Anne & Miss La La: A live desktop performance” / 5th May 2021
Commissioned by Barber Institute of Fine Art 

“Vinora” / December 2020
Bursary awarded by ReFramed 

“Great-ish: The gaslighting of a nation” / October 2020
Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella

“Break Bread With Me” / 30th October - 6th November 2020
Commissioned by Vivid Live TV


“4UBU: Saturday Art Club ”/ 21st August - 9th October 2021
New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK

“Art students engage with A special place: IKON in the 1990’s”/ 22nd July 2021
IKON x Kind Edward VI Five Ways, Birmingham, UK

“IYP X BHC” / 18th March 2021
Black Hole Club x Ikon Youth Project collaboration, Birmingham, UK

“Contemporary Art Space Project: year 2” / 9th- 23rd June 2021
Iniva x RSA academies (working with Holyhead school, Handsworth), UK

“Two Truths and a Lie” / 3rd August- 6th August 2019
Centrala Space, Birmingham, UK


40 years on and the need to rally: De’Anne Crooks in conversation with Keith Piper / January 2021
A-n The artists information company (Black Hole Club as guest editors)

Mayday reader” / May 2020
Black Hole Club

Representation in art education: The absence of Black art / 2018
Published by Yellow zine


“The Soft Prison”  Musuem of the Home / 30th September - 28th November 2021
In partnership with Artangel Collection, London, UK

“In reality, these things need to be said” Backlit  / 6th-29th August 2021
Backlit, Nottingham, UK

“DOOM: Turn away from the sun” Black Hole Club / 21st-26th June 2021
Vivid Projects, Birmingham, UK

The Travelling World Is Not Arriving” Format Festival /  March 2021
Accessible online

Give birth to me tomorrow” Artists’ Moving Image Festival / 21st- 24th January 2021
LUX Scotland, UK

PACK  West Midlands art exhibition ”/ 1st May 2020 
 Wolverhampton, UK 

Herstory”/ 25th April 2020 
BOM, Birmingham, UK

“Annual art, craft and design exhibition”/  2017- 2020
(Curator) Mander Portman Woodward, Birmingham, UK

“Uncertaintity and the Unknown” / 5th June- 11th October 2019
Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham, UK

“When we were twelve” Graphic Design Degree show/ May 2012
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK


A Tale or Two” / 4th October 2021 - 9th January 2022
New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, UK


“Two Truths and Lie” / 23rd July- 6th August  2019
Centrala Space, Birmingham, UK


“A talk for film & video students” / 16th March 2021
Birmingham City University School of Art, Birmingham, UK

“Art house lecture series guest lecture” / 8th March 2021
University of Worcester x Meadow arts, Worcester, UK

“Anti-racism, allyship and best practice” / 15th September 2020
Birmingham women’s and children’s NHS foundation trust, Birmingham, UK

“Creative Media Entrepeneurship” / 6th January 2020
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

More than medicine” / 22nd October 2019
Birmingham women’s and children’s NHS foundation trust, Birmingham, UK


Fine Art lecturer/ January 2021- December 2021
Loughborough College, Loughborough, UK

Art & Design teacher/ September 2017- December 2020
Mander Portman Woodward, Birmingham, UK

Trainee Art teacher/ November 2016- April 2017
Halesowen College, Birmingham, UK

Art technician & teaching assistant/ April - August 2017
SEK International school, La Garriga, Spain

Art & Photography practitioner/ June 2016, June 2017
National Citizen Service, Birmingham, UK


Masters in Arts and Education Practices/ September 2019- September 2021
Birmingham School of Art, Birmingham

PGCE PCET Art & Design/ September 2016- August 2017
Birmingham City University, Birmingham

BA (Hons) Graphic Design/ October 2009- July 2012
De Montfort University, Leicester

Foundation Degree in Art and Design/ September 2008- June 2009
Birmingham Metropolitan College, Birmingham